7 Tricks For Every Mom To Ace This Motherhood Thing

Every old mom knows that every new mom needs all the help she can get when it comes to parenting. There is no instruction manual for motherhood, but we know from experience that every well-meaning tip and trick makes this time easier for you, and better for your baby. And who doesn’t want what’s best for their baby?

Hence we have curated the seven tricks we think every mother of a toddler should know, as you cannot find them in parenting-help or motherhood-for-dummies books. We hope they are as helpful for you as they were for us in taking care of our babies!

1) There is no better playpen than a kiddie pool:

Need to cool down in the summer? Baby not taking enough baths? Need a fun indoor game in the winter? Just buy an inflatable pool. Your baby will love it!

2) Food goes to the snack drawer:

We found this trick in the latter days when our toddlers had become whiny and picky about food. Just set aside some mom-approved snacks in the pantry in a snack-drawer, or simply a Tupperware box, and every time your baby is hungry for a snack ask him or her to peep into the drawer for some food!

3) DIY: Pacifier Souffle Cups

All moms need pacifiers like babies need milk. It’s usually just to pacify your baby when he/she is making too much noise and you are too tired to deal with them. So, always carry this magic device by utilizing plastic souffle cups and storing pacifiers in them. Thank us later!

4) Put your baby to sleep in less than 60 seconds flat:

This may sound like an unbelievable magic trick, but we have tried it and it seems to work with most babies! Just take a soft tissue and stroke your baby’s face with it over and over again until he/she starts nodding off and voila! No more rocking with lullabies for an hour!

5) Use makeup brushes to paint on the diaper cream.

You can use your old (or even new) makeup brushes to paint on diaper cream on your baby instead of roughly applying it on their skin directly. Don’t worry about your precious makeup brush. Diaper creams like Mama Earth’s Diaper Rash Cream are mild, so a little would do some good to your skin as well, not just your baby’s!

6) Always pack an extra shirt.

After several embarrassing accidents and ruining some of our favorite shirts, we wholeheartedly recommend packing at least one extra shirt in your baby’s diaper bag for your self.

7) Let out all the gas.

Gas in your babies could be painful if not relieved early, so do it by pushing their knees towards their chest gently as a form of exercise. This not only relieves gas but is also a fun game for your baby!

Well, these were some hacks we definitely believe will help you ace this motherhood period much better than other mothers out there. If you have more to add to this list, tell us and we would be happy to spread the word, because like we said, moms need all the help they can get!

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