7 delightful breastfeeding activities to keep away boredom

So, when you initially start off, nursing is a big deal! Like a really big one. The baby needs to latch properly, you’re propped up by a million pillows, you need to wake up the little mite every 10 seconds…And then suddenly, it becomes the most natural thing possible. Easy peasy! Give baby boob, baby happy, you happy. Now what? Now…hmmm it’s kinda time-consuming, right? Let’s look at some fun breastfeeding activities while nourishing your little boob-a-holic…

  • Get Comfy: If your baby is anything like mine, you’re in for a long haul. First things first, find a comfy nook and make it yours! I have a nice rocking chair with a footstool near the balcony (great sunlight!) and feed LO using a feeding pillow. It’s a “U” shaped pillow and one of my best investments! And oh, get lots comfy easy-to-nurse clothes.
    I also started off singing nursery rhymes to get my LO to sleep while nursing. Turned out to be the good decision as she’s caught on to a lot of them at a young age! Apparently, my awful singing voice has also improved I’m told. Marginally!
  • Shopping: My all-time fave activity during nursing. I was never a big fan of online shopping, till errr getting out of the house became such a tedious affair! Online shopping was my answer. I’m not partial — Amazon, Flipkart, FirstCry, Babyoye, Hopscotch (super cute baby stuff!) I frequent them all.

From diapers to grocery stuff to clothes to electronics…Online has them all! This is the perfect time to stock up on some amazing non-toxic and safe Mamaearth products for you and your baby. And oh, plus, when it reaches me all nicely packed…kinda la gift from me to me!

  • Cooking: Sometimes the inevitable happens! Life catches up and must go on. You can get your LO into a nice carry using a soft structured carrier. An SSC is the easiest to use as it has straps and has the lowest learning curve.
    You simply put the baby in, strap baby and you’re good to go! Soul and Kol Kol are some of the popular Indian brands and Boba and Tula some of the international o Super versatile carriers, you can’t go wrong!
  • Re-ignite your Passion: Sure, Motherhood is rewarding and unicorns and rainbows and all, but it’s also draining! You sometimes forget who YOU are. Use your quiet nursing time to catch up. Do you enjoy reading? Kindle app on my phone is awesome and I’ve got a neat collection! Maybe you enjoy writing, go ahead and type it out on your phone.Go back and discover what makes you, YOU! Your baby will thank you later for being a happier mama! You use a cosy wrap or if your baby is a tiny mite still, go for a nice ring sling! They come in glorious colours and make a nice addition to your wardrobe. Ask Srividya Sriram, she a Mom entrepreneur who has built up her book selling the business from scratch, managing everything using a ring sling or a wrap.

    In her own words, right from cooking, cleaning, reading and interaction with customers. Alth her precious little fellow snuggled right up to her, safe and sound!

  • Catching up: What’s your fave way to unwind? Me, after a draining day, I love to lie on the couch and watch serials.The less grey-cell challenging, the better! Castle, Scandal, How to get away with Murder, Game of Thrones…I watch on the laptop on mute, while LO is cuddled up on her feeding cushion. Works well. The only caution, do make sure that the baby doesn’t watch TV with you. Not a great idea to get those little eyes exposed to harsh screens so early on.
  • Work goes on: A shout out to all those glorious pumping mommies! It ain’t easy. I’ve to know mommies who take con-calls while pumping and inevitably get asked…’What’s that thumping in the background’. Their answer, ‘what thumping?!’
  • Sleep!: Ah! Music to a sleep deprived mom’s ears.  As long as you follow safe co-sleeping guidelines like no sheets/blankets, you can cuddle right up to your little one. Your baby can help herself or himself to the boob juice through the night and you get some much-needed rest as well.I used to have a crib and also a small baby cocoon with a net next to me. So, the baby could sleep next to me and was safe as well. Do change sides though to ensure you keep up the supply.

Well, WHO says it’s good to breastfeed babies till 2 years, so just go right ahead! Much love and hugs and treasure those little warm moments.

Image Credits: Lucy Scott, Doodle Diary of a Mom

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