5 Tips to Juggle Pregnancy and Work that Simply Work!

5 Tips On How To Juggle Pregnancy and Work

Pregnant and working? Get ready for a 24/7 hustle!  Women have always been known to have an inherent ability to multitask.  Still, juggling work and pregnancy is going to be tough for any woman and even more challenging if they already have children.

Finding out that you are pregnant can be super delightful news.  The warm caring emotions that you feel the baby inside keeps you elated, buzzing, and on your toes.  However, there are side effects that could affect your career and lifestyle.

Fret not!Here are some tips to handle issues that could crop up at the workplace even as you grapple with pregnancy.

  1. Blow your own trumpet

This is one secret you can’t keep it forever.  You can announce your pregnancy to your Boss whenever you are comfortable.  It would be smart to tell the Boss before your colleagues do, which would make things easier for you.  Inform your colleagues who are going to be the best support during your bad days.  You may feel fatigued during the second trimester and it could get more frequent.  Just make sure you return the favor whenever possible. This is also the best time to plan and talk about your maternity leave options and policies with the HR.

  1. Plan, plan, plan

Plan your doctor’s appointments before work or after and make sure you don’t miss out on important meetings.  In case you plan to work full time or part time after your maternity leave, make sure to discuss with your boss.Things could be a lot easier if you work out your post pregnancy plan long before your delivery’s due.

  1. Deal with that morning sickness like a boss

It is difficult to deal with morning sickness during the first trimester, but this cannot be a reason to stay off work.  The best way to handle it is to keep snacking in small bits as an empty stomach or skipping meals can trigger nausea.  Sipping water throughout the day and drinking ginger ale could drive away the wooziness.  Always be prepared and carry extra clothes, mint, and wipes.  Throwing up could bring some relief too.  In case you find it difficult to handle nausea, then your doctor could prescribe anti-nausea medications.  Make sure your work doesn’t get affected and make up for it on days you feel better.

  1. Make your environment Fort Knox

Your work environment should be safe for you especially if you are at high risk.  You need to avoid exposure to harmful substances, standing for a long time, heavy lifting, climbing, or extreme temperatures etc.  If the environment is unsafe, you can always ask for a position that provides safer conditions during this time.

  1. Enjoy every bit of it

After a hectic workday, you could relax over the weekend or take a day off, pamper yourself, or enjoy shopping for the newborn-to-be.  Share your excitement with your friends, family, or coworkers.  A rich diet of fruits and vegetables would be nourishing for your newborn.  Listening to music could soothe you (and your little bun in the oven).  Try a post-natal yoga class where you can practice relaxation techniques.  Avoid sitting or standing for a long time and you should be fine.

So now fill your time with a well-chalked out plan, add dollops of good health, and draw in lots of motivation to have a fun time during pregnancy!