We have always believed that the mother’s womb is the safest place. Well, here is the bad news! Research has proved it wrong.

Pollutants can be a threat to unborn babies too. Toxins were found in samples of the umbilical cord. If we look closely at our surroundings,

  1. The shampoo/body wash we use
  2. The glossy apples we have just bought to eat
  3. The non-stick pan in which we cook
  4. The glossy apples we have just bought to eat
  5. The lipstick we are wearing
  6. The couch on which we sit

Everything around us has toxins which reaches the unborn baby unnoticed! It can seriously damage the growth of the fetus.But how is it possible, you may ask. Doesnt the placenta protect the cord blood and the fetus from pollutants. In reality, the umbilical cord and the placenta carry everything that the mother ingests - toxins along with the digested good nutrients and oxygen.

Before the first whiff of air rushes into the baby’s lungs many toxins have already gone down there*.

These harmful chemicals consumed by the mother and other abusive substances like alcohol, nicotine that reach the baby through the placenta and umbilical cord of the mother can cause serious problems by disturbing the hormones that helps in development of brain and other important organs of the baby.

What precautions can be taken to escape them and provide a ‘safe haven’ to the fetus? Here are a few simple steps to ensure that the womb is still a safe place for the human cub to stay for nine long months.

Clear off the toxins from kitchen and dining table:

  1. Ban canned foods
  2. Use glass or ceramic containers
  3. Don’t eat fish that is high on mercury
  4. Avoid non-stick utensils for cooking
  5. Chose organic, fresh and unprocessed foods.
  6. Use dairy products from pasture-raised animals
  7. Don’t use plastic bottled water. Instead drink filtered from the tap.

Trust your nose:

Trusting your nose is very important during pregnancy. Avoid everything that has hard smell like paints, pesticides, cleaners, perfumes, hard smelling body wash, shampoos ets. They are often treated with neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors, phthalates, volatile organic compounds and asthma-triggering allergens. These are very harmful for your baby. Read more here.

Make home-made hand wash and cleaner:

Some of the toxins are in everyday things we use such as : Bleach, window cleaner, toilet bowl cleaners, white spirit, air fresheners etc. The only way to protect the fetus from these harmful chemicals is to ban them from your house. Get back to the traditional ways of cleaning. Make-in-house cleaners.

Choose personal product with caution:

Wisely choosing our personal products is an important step towards making womb a safe haven. “Any material placed on the skin has the potential to be absorbed into the bloodstream and may be able to cross the placenta, so some caution is warranted," says Andrew Healy, MD, an obstetrician at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Mass.

Here are a few tips :

  1. Use toothpaste which are less on fluoride. Brush and floss your teeth regular and take good care of oral hygiene.
  2. Use phthalate-free nail polish.
  3. Use mousse or gel instead of hairspray.
  4. Use sunscreen that contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These ingredients protect the skin from UV rays without getting absorbed in the skin.
  5. In case of acne don’t use Accutane (isotretinoin), Retin-A (tretinoin), and tetracyclines. They are not safe and may cause birth defects. Medicines that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic wash are safer. You can also try Mamaearth’s face mask. (put product link here).
  6. Avoid use hairdye. Henna is more natural and safe.
  7. Use lead-free lipsticks available in market.
  8. Use a body wash that uses natural ingredients.

Let me share with you a product that takes care of a mother’s hygiene concerns in the most natural way. Mamaearth’s body wash is a product that you can use without any concern.

Its dermatologically tested in Europe. It is full with goodness of natural ingredients and that’s the reason it has the honor of becoming Asia’s first MadeSafe certified personal product. MadeSafe which works with a large panel of experts containing paediatricians, dermatologists & scientists has certified Mamaearth’s body wash as safest product for mothers.

As it is free from harmful chemicals like parabens, sulphates, phthalates, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances or dyes. Learn more about cancer causing chemicals in your baby products.

Mamaearth’s bodywash has natural ingredients which cleanses and protect mothers with natural goodness. It is enriched with the Nature’s secret ingredients of wellness and beauty such as:

Coconut milk and coconut oil on wooden table


It is a coconut based cleanser. Its free from harms of SLS and SLES. Its mild on all types of skin. It helps in moisture retention. It also works as deterrent for harmful chemicals from absorbing in the skin as it makes a protective layer on skin.


Allantoin is a natural protector of skin and helps in cell regeneration. It also helpful in getting rid of acne scars. It retains moisture and heals skin damaged by dryness. It can revive back scaly and sallow skin.

Jojoba Oil:

Jojoba is antibacterial in nature. It provides relief from itching and dryness. It gives awesome results in case of eczema by sitting on top of the skin and warding off external irritants.

Calendula Extract:

It’s a natural healer. It has goodness in store for every type of skin.

Geranium Essential Oil:

Geranium oil is antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic by nature. It prevents bacterial or fungal infections. It provides strength to defensive cells of our body and is laced to deal with any toxin attack on body. It’s a natural cleanser. It has soothing effect on nerves too. It uplifts the mood and boost emotional wellbeing.

Mamaearth’s body wash provides nourishment and protection at the same time. It takes care of mothers in most caring and loving way.  So what are you waiting for? Buy it here and put your mind at ease for your hygiene considerations.

References: > Pollution in Minority Newborns: BPA and other Cord Blood Pollutants

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